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Join AJ on your morning commute this Friday, December 16 when he interviews author Joe Scott. It is sure to be an eye-opener! Learn the meaning behind the Friendeshans as they travel the galaxy to spread and share their positive energy.

radio-announce-2Not your average Joe!

Author Joe Scott has taken his own life-experiences and shared his lifelong lessons in his book, The Joe Dial. The Friendesha book series is an extension of the theme of living positively – geared for children.

As the owner of a successful multi-million dollar construction company, Joe has employed thousands of people over the years. As an employer, Joe has been able to study people of all nationalities, races, cultures, creeds and economic class in situations that have brought out the best and the worst in people.

It is from these encounters that he has been able to distill a few basic truths about human nature. Truths that have been papered over by layers of abstract and misinterpretation. Politically correct in today’s economically rich vs common-sense poor have collided and things have become distorted. Basic laws of human nature that he hopes to restore in the Friend Ship Friendesha books.

Sharing the Wisdom through the Friend Ship Friendesha

The Friend Ship Friendesha is Joe’s way of helping children navigate through the complicated, media-saturated, politically manipulated world we now live. The lessons taught in the book series are intended to teach our children simple, truthful rules that they can keep in their back pockets for when they need them in life.

After enjoying the interview, be sure to check out the Friend Ship Friendesha website and enjoy a SNEAK PEEK at the books.

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