Watch Video to See How It All Began

During the Friendeshans last visit to earth, they discovered Unify Against Bullying! Their mission is “To bring an end to bullying through the celebration of true diversity.” The Friendeshans took to this group immediately. As part of spreading Pozzi-Power – the Friendeshans are sharing the Unify Against Bullying Pozzi-Message!

What is Unify Against Bullying?

A few years ago Edward and Robert Zemba discovered a need for an anti-bully group in Western Massachusetts. They were surprised to learn that one did not exist. They discovered there were multiple small efforts, but no one particular charity dedicated to helping the kids of Western Massachusetts deal with bullying.

The this was hard to understand, considering the fact that Western Massachusetts had lost some of its children to suicide over the pain caused by bullying. It was at this point that they turned to fellow parents, local business leaders and students to explore the possibility of forming a new charity. A few months later, Unify Against Bullying was born.

Unify Against Bullying wants to lead a new era where they celebrate our differences and come together as one community. That is why in the Unify movement they say;

When we stand together, we stand as one.

When the Friendeshans return to Earth in the upcoming months, stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Meanwhile, start following #UnifyAgainstBullying and #UnifySelfieChallenge


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