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A Pozzi Power Phenomenon is happening.

During the Friendeshans last visit to planet earth, they were happy to see the Pozzi Power being spread by their new friend #UnifyAgainstBullying.  They have returned now to JOIN their friends to help spread the news about their upcoming Fashion Show!

On March 13, 2017 the Friendeshans will join their friends at Unify as they hold their 2017 Unify Launch Party at Blake Commons at Bay Path University March 13 at 5:30 p.m. This invitation-only event will feature the official opening of ticket sales to their 2017 fashion show.

The fashion show is Unify’s number one event to raise funds for scholarship and grant monies to be awarded to individuals who make significant contributions in anti-bully and self-esteem awareness.

Friends. Fashion. Fun!

This year’s Unify Against Bullying Fashion Show is scheduled to take place on May 16. Get a sneak peek and check out the highlights from last year’s event.

Spreading Pozzi Power through scholarships.

Last year they awarded $1,000 grants to the following:

  • Mitchell Knowles, a Ludlow High School guidance counselor who is developing a program to educate bullies about the effects of their behavior on others.
  • Patrick Ireland, a Longmeadow educator who teaches classes focusing on building self-esteem, educational enhancement, and kindness through noncontact self-defense.
  • Matt Walting, a high school student from Wilbraham who is producing a film about a student who is a victim of bullying and abuse at home and at school.

Taylor White, a high school student from Westfield who was in the Unify Against Bullying Fashion Show last April, and Justin Comtois, an Agawam High School student who plans to make a short film on bullying both received $250 grants.

Meet Unify Against Bullying, New Friends of the Friendeshans

Watch Video to See How It All Began

During the Friendeshans last visit to earth, they discovered Unify Against Bullying! Their mission is “To bring an end to bullying through the celebration of true diversity.” The Friendeshans took to this group immediately. As part of spreading Pozzi-Power – the Friendeshans are sharing the Unify Against Bullying Pozzi-Message!

What is Unify Against Bullying?

A few years ago Edward and Robert Zemba discovered a need for an anti-bully group in Western Massachusetts. They were surprised to learn that one did not exist. They discovered there were multiple small efforts, but no one particular charity dedicated to helping the kids of Western Massachusetts deal with bullying.

The this was hard to understand, considering the fact that Western Massachusetts had lost some of its children to suicide over the pain caused by bullying. It was at this point that they turned to fellow parents, local business leaders and students to explore the possibility of forming a new charity. A few months later, Unify Against Bullying was born.

Unify Against Bullying wants to lead a new era where they celebrate our differences and come together as one community. That is why in the Unify movement they say;

When we stand together, we stand as one.

When the Friendeshans return to Earth in the upcoming months, stay tuned for a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Meanwhile, start following #UnifyAgainstBullying and #UnifySelfieChallenge


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Friendeshans Talk About Bullying

If your kids are already talking about the FriendShip Friendesha keep the conversation going with some of these talking points!

The book gives children new ways to think and talk about social problems at school like bullies, problem students, or even teachers that may cause undue stress and tension.

After reading the story again, together, ask some questions.

  • Is there anyone at school that reminds you of an Oily Spoily?
  • Have you ever felt like an Oily Spoily squirted you?
  • Is there anyone at school that makes you feel mad, bad, or sad?
  • What do you think you should do to someone who acts like an Oily Spoily?
  • What are some reasons that someone might be acting that way?

Use the conversation as a way to get your child to feel comfortable talking about his or her problems with you. Gauge the level of distress being caused by classmates, and take action if need be, but remember: the Friendshans are all about giving children healthy, respectful, and positive ways to deal with negativity in their lives.

Empower them to fight negative energy with positive energy!

The book gives children new ways to think and talk about social problems at school like bullies, problem students, or even teachers that may cause undue stress and tension.

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Pozzi Power in ACTION

Greetings Friendship Friendesha,

My name is Christy Little, there are a few roles I play that are connected to this conversation. I own and operate a child care center, I hold the Secretary position on the Board of Directors of Unify Against Bullying. I work to connect the mission of Unify with young children in our communities. My program, Little Bear Learn & Care offers care to families with children ages 6 weeks to 5 years. I was very excited to read the “Friendeshan” stories to our preschoolers!

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by the reactions of the children to the story.

I’ve read the first one, and we’ve already read it a few times; they ask for it often. The kids are fascinated by the “good vs bad” theme, and I can see the empowering feeling they get when the Friendeshans share the “Pozzi-Power”! A few of them like to role play and use their magic wands to shoot out “pozzi-power”. The visuals are colorful and expressive. I see the children fixate on the “oily spoilies”, and how the pozzi-power cleans it up! This is a very simple yet powerful lesson presented a very fun imaginative way. I just downloaded the second story and I plan to read it today.

I am thrilled to see your anti-bully message on the Friendeshans website.

The more I read, the more I can see the same mission coming into play with both Unify and the Friend Ship Friendesha stories. As the Chair of the Youth Outreach of UAB, I think we might be able to include these stories in community family activities. I have already shared the information with our parents and encouraged them to check out the books!


Christy Little
Director/Owner, Little Bear Learn & Care, Inc.
184 Northampton Street, Easthampton, MA 01027
Email: [email protected]
413-527-6555 (office & center)
413-320-8851 (cell)

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Friendeshans Want to UNIFY Against Bullying

Bullying is Hurtful

Beyond the emotional distress of being bullied, many are subject to physical pain. In many instances, bullying can escalate to physical pain being inflicted on the victim. The young boy on the school bus who was pummelled by bullies as others cheered on and subsequently endured a broken jaw – to the girl who was forced to eat sand after her head was pushed to the ground.

Bullying Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

  • VERBAL BULLYING – saying or writing mean things.
    • Teasing
    • Name-calling
    • Inappropriate sexual comments
    • Taunting
    • Threatening to cause harm
  • SOCIAL BULLYING – involves damaging someone’s reputation or relationships.
    • Leaving someone out on purpose
    • Telling other children not to be friends with someone
    • Spreading rumors about someone
    • Embarrassing someone in public
  • PHYSICAL BULLYING – hurting a person’s body or possessions.
    • Hitting/kicking/pinching
    • Spitting
    • Tripping/pushing
    • Taking or breaking someone’s things
  • CYBER BULLYING – use of electronic technology to bully.
    • Mean text messages.
    • Rumors sent by email.
    • Rumors posted on social networking sites.
    • Posting embarrassing pictures or videos.
    • Setting up fake accounts in victim name.

Verbal, physical, and cyberbullying all have long term effects on the personality and esteem of the individual being bullied.  The person being bullied may struggle with depression, anxiety, trouble sleeping and eating, loneliness, and decreased achievement in school.  Oftentimes, the effects of bullying will continue into a victim’s adult life, leading to increased drug abuse and decreased social stability.  Many who have been bullied tend to keep the abuse a secret, because of shame and embarrassment or fear of further pain they may suffer as a result of speaking out; thus, the bullying persists.

Bullying knows no limits.

Bullying is often dangerous for the well being of the bully and the bullied.  The effects of bullying can also be dangerous for bystanders, those who stand by and watch without interjection.  Bystanders face peer pressure and are afraid of showing vulnerability; therefore, they refrain from doing the right thing and stepping in.

Bullying can be stopped.

For starters – where bystanders are concerned, both those being taunted and those who are taunting, it is important to set the standard from early on that bullying cannot be tolerated. Schools and communities can help protect children against bullying behavior by emphasizing their respect for diversity.

The Friendeshans Would Like to UNIFY Against Bullying

Aside from bringing awareness and offering useful information to identify and prevent bullying, the Friendeshans often search the galaxy for organizations that support anti-bullying efforts.  This weeks journey lead our loveable race to UNIFY – a non-profit organization who “pledge to bring an end to bullying through the celebration of diversity”.

According to their mission statement:

There are countless children waging quiet battles against bullying. Many believe that they are alone. Unify Against Bullying wants these children to know they are far from alone. They are supported by a loving, caring community of fellow students, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, business leaders and others.

Check out this video that introduces UNIFY, then be sure to check them out at:

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